On Saturday, June 25, 2022, the Paulding County Democratic Committee will hold elections for post seat holders from 4:00 to 6:00 pm at A Taste of Cindy’s Kitchen at 3606 Atlanta Highway in Hiram. From the post seat holders, officers will be elected to fill some vacancies from June until December 2022 that are currently being filled by interim officers. If you are interested in becoming a post seat holder or in running for one of the executive offices, please send an email to Pertinent provisions of the PCDC bylaws are included below for your convenience.


The following posts have openings for post seat holders:

Post 1:  1 opening
Post 2:  5 openings
Post 3:  2 openings
Post 4:  4 openings

The post seat holders elected on 6/25/22 will serve for a four-year term ending in 2026.


3.2.1 The county committee shall consist of four (4) districts relating to the county commission posts of Paulding County. Each county commission post shall be allocated six (6) elective post seat holders, numbered “1” through “6.” Each post seat holder must reside in the applicable county commission post.

3.2.2 Any member of the Paulding County Democratic Committee as defined in Section 3.1 is eligible to be elected as a post seat holder.

3.2.3 The post seat holders are the formal governing body of the county committee.


3.3.1 Post seat holders are to be elected by committee post caucus, a public meeting where members are present to elect those they wish to serve as their leadership.

3.3.2 Such caucus shall be held within 45 days following the general primary, the election that determines our party nominees (regardless of office) for the November election.

3.3.3 One-half of the post seat holders shall be elected in gubernatorial election years, and the other half of the post seat holders shall be elected in presidential election years. Election shall be by secret ballot of post seat holders.

3.3.4 All county committee members who are registered to vote in Paulding County are eligible to vote for post seat holders who reside in the same post.

3.3.5 The county committee chair shall appoint chairs of the committee post caucuses to oversee the entire caucus process. The chair may also appoint members from each district to chair the caucus/elections process (distribute ballots, count ballots, provide final tally to the caucus chair for announcement, answer any questions, etc., for voters in that district) for each district.

3.3.6 If the executive committee does not officially set a time and place for the caucus and the 45-day allotment passes, the congressional district chair shall set the time and place of the caucus.

3.3.7 Public notice of the election shall be given by posting on the county committee’s website and social networking sites, emailing of all committee members (or by US Mail if a committee member does not have email access), emailing of as many general members as is possible, and by publishing the same in the newspaper of record for the county in two separate weeks in the preceding month before the closing of the qualifications for such office.

3.3.8 The candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected without the necessity of a run-off.

3.3.9 Members shall take office on the first day of the first month after their election and shall serve a four-year term, ending the month of the general primary for the seat’s designated yearly status (i.e. month of general primary in the gubernatorial or presidential elections), unless affected by reapportionment.

3.3.10 Persons filling vacant committee seats shall serve out the remainder of the term of the person who vacated the seat.

3.3.11 When a member of the committee declares candidacy for elective office, they are deemed to have voluntarily resigned their seat as a committee member.

3.3.12 Elected Democratic officials may serve as ex-officio, non-voting members of the committee.


The following officer positions need to be voted on, and the terms for these offices will expire on 12/31/22.

5.1 Chair:  The chair shall have overall responsibility for county committee affairs and shall be the official spokesperson for the committee subject to the provisions of the state charter and these bylaws and to such directives as may be given from time to time by the executive committee. The chair shall be the head of the county committee and will preside at county committee meetings. The chair shall have the specific responsibility to formulate each year, with the executive committee, a strategic plan. The chair may sign checks in the absence of the treasurer.

5.2 First Vice-Chair:  The first vice-chair shall act as chair in the absence of the chair and shall have the authority, powers, and duties of the chair. He or she shall ensure compliance with state party charter and bylaws; compliance and updating of county bylaws; parliamentary procedure in all business conducted by the county committee.

5.4 Secretary:  The secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at all county committee and executive committee meetings and for presenting those minutes at the succeeding meetings of those respective groups. The secretary will maintain current membership rolls and records of all official correspondence and will oversee publicity and membership activities. The secretary will oversee the social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, website, etc.) and may form a communications committee if needed.

5.5 Treasurer:  The treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining accurate, up-to-date records of all expenditures and income to the committee account and for depositing and disbursing funds in accordance with the budget and other approved expenditures. All funds received or disbursed must go through the county committee bank account. The treasurer will provide a written report of such to the executive and county committees at scheduled meetings. The treasurer shall have the authority to disburse budgeted funds to authorized members. The treasurer shall provide receipts for all expenditures and provide open and transparent access to this information to committee members. The treasurer may form a finances committee if needed.