About the Paulding County Democratic Committee

We are a committee of concerned citizens, activists, and volunteers working to improve the lives and livelihoods of residents of Paulding County, Georgia, and its cities, including Dallas, Hiram, and Braswell. We are committed to a wide variety of progressive, pro-society causes, including the following:

  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Civil and human rights
  • Individual liberty
  • Economic and labor justice
  • Quality education
  • Equitable and reliable transportation
  • Veterans’ concerns
  • Environmental protection

We are also the county branch of the Democratic Party of Georgia and a member of the 14th District Democratic Committee.

Party Documents

We abide by and support the charter, by-laws and platform of the Democratic Party of Georgia as well as our own county by-laws and platform.


The executive committee consists of (5) five officers: the chair, two vice-chairs, a secretary, and a treasurer. Each executive committee member holds responsibilities and duties that they are tasked with according to our committee bylaws. The current executive committee term begins January 1, 2021, and ends December 31, 2022.


1st Vice Chair

Nylor Coleman

Vice Chair of Community & Voter Outreach

Mike Blundell


Andrea Baerwalde

Chair Emeritus, Advisor

County Commission Post I

  1. Andrea Baerwalde
  2. Marie Bonville
  3. Mason Cochran
  4. Cindy Gatewood
  5. Susan Mbana
  6. Vacant

County Commission Post II

  1. Renee Bates
  2. Celeste Graham
  3. Vacant
  4. Vacant
  5. Vacant
  6. Vacant

County Commission Post III

  1. Derick F. Jonne
  2. Debra Chandler
  3. Renee Folden
  4. Yvette McCauley
  5. Jackie Sercye
  6. Nylor Coleman

County Commission Post IV

  1. Mike Blundell
  2. Ralph Meers
  3. Vacant
  4. Vacant
  5. Vacant
  6. Vacant


Subcommittees serve the purpose of assisting our county committee in being productive and reaching our goals. Each subcommittee is overseen by a member of the executive committee. The executive committee chair recommends a designated director who is voted in.  Any member wishing to become a member of a subcommittee should contact its respective committee chair.

Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee

The diversity & inclusion subcommittee, a required subcommittee deemed necessary by the Democratic Party of Georgia, is responsible for recruiting and retaining members that reflect the Democratic Party.

  • Derick F Jones, Diversity & Inclusion Director

Communications Subcommittee

The communications subcommittee is tasked with keeping our members informed by sending emails, making phone calls, and keeping the committee’s social media and website update.

  • Margaret Rhodes, Interim Secretary
  • Vacant, Communications Director

Finance Subcommittee

The finance subcommittee will assist the treasurer in producing an annual budget, will hold various fundraisers, and will engage in other activities needed to ensure the programs of the committee are funded.

  • Mike Blundell, Treasurer
  • Vacant, Finance Director

Voter Protection Subcommittee

The voter protection subcommittee is responsible for recruiting and training volunteers who will work as poll workers, absentee ballot monitors, and who will educate the public about voting rights and responsibilities.

  • Derick F Jones, Chair
  • Vacant, VoPro Director

Voter Outreach Subcommittee

The voter outreach subcommittee is responsible for recruiting and training volunteers in the various campaign activities of the committee such as canvassing, phone banking, and relational organizing. They will also hold events and activities to increase public knowledge about our candidates and voting.

  • Vacant, 1st Vice-Chair
  • Vacant, Voter Outreach Director

Events Subcommittee

The events subcommittee is responsible for planning and staffing events and meetings for the committee. They will assist with planning dates, times, locations, and any meals or other requirements for the event.

  • Nylor Coleman, Vice Chair of Community & Voter Outreach
  • Vacant, Events Director

Membership Subcommittee

The membership committee is responsible for keeping the membership roster up-to-date and advising the board on recruitment and retention policies. They help facilitate onboarding of new members through orientation and encourage members to join the various committees.

Margaret Rhodes, Secretary
Vacant, Membership Director