Statement by 14th Congressional District Democratic Chairs on Marjorie Taylor Greene

{For immediate release}

There are times when what is painfully obvious to all still cannot be allowed to pass without comment. The words and behavior of the Representative of our Congressional district, both before and since she’s assumed office, do not correspond to what the good people of northwest Georgia believe, nor is it how we behave toward one another in our daily lives.

We don’t promote sedition, we don’t condone the political terrorists and cop killers of January 6th, we do not mock the deaths of children gunned down in their schools, nor do we scoff at the suffering and horror of the families of those children who have had to sit across the table from an empty chair every day of their lives since.

While the hateful conspiracy theories spouted by our representative may be standard fare in dark and extremist corners of the Internet, the people of the 14th Congressional District need their representative to assist them out here in the real world on the issues we each face every day, and we expect our representative to behave like a grown adult, not some spoiled child who constantly seeks attention and validation for her own ego.

If Representative Greene cannot meet even bare minimum standards of human decency and respect and just do her job on behalf of the citizens of this district, she should step aside for someone, anyone, who will.

It’s time, Representative Greene, to grow up or get out.

Tim Shiflett, 14th Congressional District Democratic Chair
Jeffery Adair, Gordon County
Benjamin Amis, Floyd County
David Boyle, Walker County
Harold Gipson, Polk County
Elizabeth Gould, Murray County
Cynthia Hubler, Chattooga County
Tom McMahan, Dade County
Debby Peppers, Whitfield County
David Robinson, Pickens County
Terrence White, Paulding County